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Elaine DiRico, BA, NTP, FDN
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Nutritional Therapy is an exciting new field in Holistic Health Care. As the name implies, it is a proactive way to take charge of your health, and create a foundation of optimal health. Preventative medicine at its finest!

Imagine this: you are looking down a long corridor that represents your life. At your side is your doctor, and as you move from birth to death, he is there to answer your question: 'What's wrong?' This information is valuable beyond measure! But it is symptom focused. Nutritional Therapy is a different system, helping you take a proactive approach to your own health and well being. Why wait for a symptom, when you can avoid many of them?

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, said: "Let your food be your medicine." As the quality of our food has deteriorated there has been a mirroring increase in cancers, coronary disease, obesity and earlier onset of many other problems related to aging. Can there be any doubt that the influx of refined, nutritionally empty foods has been the cause? 'You are what you eat' has never been truer!

Nutritional Therapy can help you take charge of your health, your life and your future! Countless stressors and toxins are pummeling us daily. Our defense is high quality, well prepared, nutritionally dense foods that our bodies can transform into healthy and powerful hormones, enzymes, antibodies and a myriad of other things our bodies need to perform efficiently, repair and heal itself.

Our purpose is to support you in every possible way on your journey to your own optimal health!