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Elaine DiRico, BA, NTP, FDN
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About Me

All of my life, food has been my passion.  From cooking in logging camps to owning a restaurant to a dream job as a ‘Foodie’ at Central Market Westgate, the history, culture, preparation and consumption of food has fascinated me.  I read omnivorously, but in the last few years have realized that almost everything I had learned about nutrition was no longer true.  While I adore a good conspiracy theory as much as the next woman, reading about the degradation of our food supply to make corporations wealthy seemed a lot more fact than theory.

  Then an accident and several surgeries, two years in bed or a wheelchair caused me to really look at my own health.  Obviously, eating very well according to the FDA food pyramid was making me sicker.  My doctor was unable to offer anything more than the standard advice on diet, (see last line) narcotics for pain and an anti-depressant.  These were not routes that I wanted to take.

  Ultimately, I needed to re-educate myself, and re-learn my own body’s language and needs.  The approach of medicine, to throw powerful drugs at symptoms, ignored the underlying causes of the symptoms.  This struck as a variety of roulette or better, Whack-A-Mole.  My body created symptoms in an effort to HEAL!  Disabling this was a lot like putting duct tape over the check warning light in my car.  What is important is what is CAUSING the symptoms?  Find that and you stop the symptoms naturally.

  The next piece of my education was a certification process with the Nutritional Therapy Association.  When I found their site, I was immediately enchanted.  It took some travel, a lot of study, and a little over a year and a half, but gave me a solid education in human bodies, how they work, what can go wrong, and how to support them in functioning at optimal wellness.  I learned a lot of assessment techniques, but finally, a client’s own reporting and knowledge and the inherent body wisdom is the foundation for true health.

  My second certification was with Functional and Diagnostic Nutrition.  This is another wonderful course, and expanded my knowledge of the endocrine and digestive systems as well as arming me with more approaches and supplements to discover what is going on at the base of dysfunctions.

  I have been in practice for a year, and have, at this late stage, found my passion.  There is nothing as satisfying as seeing someone whom you have worked with and come to care about become happier and healthier.  I teach classes, I have learned to enjoy public speaking, I have met amazing people and my own health has never been better.  Let’s call it a win-win.